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YGYM Certified by TAC for Translation Services
Release time:2022-01-25 10:30:39 | Views:

  On January 24, when TAC updated its industry planning and standard certification in 2021, YGYM was included in the latest list of the certified translation service providers. 

  Certification Requirements for Translation Services (CQM/F-RZ-ZY-03-001), covers Translation Services — Requirements for Translation Services (ISO 17100:2015) that is an internationally recognized standard for translation services and was created to respond to the market's need for a universally accepted benchmark both home and abroad. In this certification, standardized operation is required for HR, quality control, as well as customer satisfaction and its validation, complaint and proposal handling. Thanks to this code, we has further defined the system of translation work standards, making cross-regional easier and the overall management more efficient.

  According to these clear-cut rules, on services, we has managed to boost customer satisfaction by beefing up website construction and customer service team building based on customer perception. On translation project management and resource control, we are striving for perfection with more professional and rigorous counter-strategies, and contingency plans to address the potential risks and critical situations of particular customers and projects to earn customer applause with more efficient project management across the board. 

  On market development and brand promotion, ISO 17100 endorses our business on translation services of medication, books and engineering, empowering us to tap into the language service demands of an array of major players from the backgrounds ranging from medication, public management all the way to social security and social organization, thus expanding our strongholds in a wide band of business verticals and bidding scene. 

  Moreover, this certification drives the translation training and internship at YGYM, a much touted program that benefits more than 100,000 attendees per year. The all-round normalizing requirements stipulated in the ISO 17100 and its certification requirements for translation services made this program more pragmatic and diverse, a part of our contribution to cultivating translation talents. 


  In short, this success speaks volumes about our exceptional services throughout about two decades. As a pacesetter in language services, we focus on translation and stay committed to the client-oriented mindset to create value for clients and contribute to their success.