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Good News! YGYM Ranks No.74 Largest Language Service Providers
Release time:2022-09-27 16:43:26 | Views:

  Recently, CSA Research unveiled the Largest Language Service Providers: 2022, where YGYM ranked No.74 as a famous language service provider in China.

  CSA Research (CSA), a world renowned language services consulting company, has been providing unparalleled independent, objective, and comprehensive primary research focused exclusively on the global content and language services markets.

  Since 2022, it has been probing language services and technology market for 18 years in a row and launching the Largest Language Service Providers annually after comprehensive surveys on language service providers based on trade practice. 

  This CSA recognition provides compelling basis to measure competitiveness for language service suppliers around the world. Many international businesses indicated that they would only considering collaborating with the players included in this list.

  YGYM, as a proud language service supplier moving up into this top echelon of global players, owes our success to clients’ recognition for exceptional service quality, professionalism and more, driven by years of language service practice, a wealth of multilingual resources, powerful project management support and extensive hands-on experience.

  YGYM, committed to language, an instrumental means to connect the world that drives political progress, economic growth and cultural communication, as well as translation, the bridge between languages, will pioneer language service industry, as always, with meticulous language services to enhance the global presence of Chinese culture throughout the Belt and Road Initiative to build a thriving human community with a shared future.   

  We will stay true to our original aspiration and focus on translation.