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How to choose the right translation service companies?
Release time:2022-09-06 10:39:15 | Views:


  In a translation market packed with company profiles and volatile asking prices, how to find the right translation agencies? The following tips can help you navigate the scene to secure desired results.


  1. Location of Premises

  A translation company can be measured on strength by its workplace location. A convenient and accessible office can make on-site negotiation, document handover and stamp services easier and more efficient for clients. Where it is situated also reveals its credibility and certification with industrial and commercial administrative authorities. An uncertified translation service provider might deliver dubious quality or even trigger legal risks and other troubles for you.

  A. Private homes or residential compounds

  B. Suburban office buildings

  C. CBD Office buildings


  2. Time of Incorporation

  Age counts for a translation company as it takes at least 5 years to build up the right arsenal to grow into a standout: a pool of proficient translators, a proven terminology bank, well-rounded service workflows and more.

  A. Less than 1 year

  B. 2 to 5 years

  C. More than 5 years


  3. Full-timer translators

  Most translation companies are mere intermediaries running with more part-timers than full-timers. The established firms with more than 10 in-house translators on their pay rolls are few and far-between. Nonetheless, the population of full-time translators, identified by insiders as the pillar of strength for a translation agency, tells a lot about its caliber and capability.  

  A. One boss and all the rest of part-time translators

  B. One boss and less than 10 in-house employers, including salespersons and full-time translators.

  C. More than 10 full-time translators, including seasoned revisers.


  4. Well-rounded service workflows

  Without established service procedures, translation services would probably flop, not to mention satisfactory deliverables. However, a winningly normalized workflow is preconditioned on sufficient manpower. How can you expect professional services from a disorganized business running with neither clear-cut job descriptions nor defined work roles?


  A. A company with a couple of salespersons but no full-time translators

  B. A company running with only Business and Translation Department

  C. A fully structured company armed with Business, Translation, Project, Finance, Administration, HR and more departments


  5. Translation Certification

  In translation business, an arena with barely any threshold, a load of vendors with questionable certifications are also churning out products. Unfortunately, it takes more than just business license to ensure quality services on such a demanding expertise as translation. In other words, certification counts for impressive client experience.


  A. A translation firm juggling foreign trade, training, overseas study or secretarial services at the same time

  B. A translation company going without any membership of translators association

  C. A member unit of provincial or municipal translators association

  D. A member unit of Translators Association of China, the one and only national translation organization in China, a prestigious authority very particular about the competitiveness and compliance of its members.


  Hopefully those tips can help you find the right vendors! Thank you!