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The YGYM Group Witnessed the Successful Conclusion of the First Peptide Industry
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The YGYM Group Witnessed the Successful Conclusion of the First Peptide Industry Summit


  On the evening of July 16, the Peptide Drug Industry Summit 2022, hosted by E Pharmaceutical School, was successfully concluded in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, where many experts and scholars delivered wonderful speeches on the R&D, future development trend, China-US registration and application, and CMC of peptide drugs.

  1. Overview of the Summit

  More than twenty companies including the YGYM Group participated in this Summit in different forms. Many experts, scholars and industry elites from all over the country gathered together to share new achievements, new models and new ideas in the field of peptide drugs.

  This Summit focuses on development, regulatory registration, and CMC of peptide drugs, and aims to provide a platform for companies, experts and researchers engaged in peptide drugs to exchange ideas and share experiences.

  The Summit consists of a main forum themed on registration and innovation of peptide drugs, Forum 1 on R&D of peptide drugs and Forum 2 on CMC of peptide drugs.

  Overview of Exhibition Area

  2. Advantages


  Peptide drugs are widely used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumor, hepatitis, diabetes, AIDS and other diseases, and have a very broad development prospect.

  With the introduction of national policies to promote and encourage the consistency evaluation of generic drugs, it is expected that more generic peptide drugs with significant clinical effects will be approved and marketed in the future, making the Chinese peptide drug market further expand.

  However, since medical translations, especially in the field of peptide drugs, present linguistic characteristics such as high professionalism, specialized terminology and strict logic, it is especially important to select a professional and customized translation team to provide a quality service system.

  The YGYM Group is deeply involved in medical translation by its service scope covering the whole field of medicine, and also has a team of experienced and professional translators to protect the quality of clients’ projects.

  The YGYM Group, adhering to the principle of “always serving Chinese people in the field of medical translation under the craftsmanship spirit”, makes every effort to deliver translation work, while focusing on building a medical translation brand with humanistic care.

  Focusing on the development of the medical industry, the YGYM Group provides competitive language service solutions to help clients develop their products globally. We have formed four major medical translation service departments, i.e. drug registration translation, device registration translation, medical literature translation, and conference interpretation. Each team is led by medical industry experts and language experts with more than 10 years of experience.

  3. Photos

  The YGYM Group prepared exquisite gifts for the customers and visitors who attended the Summit, and also a large amount of cash bonuses for our supporters. As the only professional provider of medical translation services attending the Summit, the booth of YGYM was full of visitors and consulting customers.

  The first Peptide Drug Industry Summit has come to a successful conclusion, while the YGYM Group will continue to provide opportunities for translation and communication of peptide drugs and promote the development of peptide drugs and medical translation.

  Our persistent efforts will pay off in the end despite the danger and temptation along the way. The YGYM Group looks forward to the next meeting with you!