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YGYM Group: Cooperation with Guangzhou Nanlian Aviation Food Co., Ltd.
Release time:2022-09-01 11:19:57 | Views:

The YGYM Group Entered into Cooperation with Guangzhou Nanlian Aviation Food Co., Ltd.

  Determination is the basis for gaining fame and fortune. If you climb a mountain without stopping at the hardships, you will surely be able to climb over steep mountains one after another. Recently, after several rounds of supplier evaluation, Guangzhou Nanlian Aviation Food Co., Ltd. chose to cooperate with the YGYM Group due to its more outstanding solutions in respect of translation services between Chinese and English for Nanlian’s relevant statements, reports and legal documents.

  On November 21, 1989, China Southern Airlines, Servair of France, and Hong Kong Ruilian Investment Co., Ltd. jointly established Guangzhou Nanlian Aviation Food Co., Ltd.

  As an airline meal production enterprise, Guangzhou Nanlian Aviation Food Co., Ltd. has the capacity of producing 50,000 airline meals per day, featuring advanced airline meal production equipment imported from the United States, Germany, France, and other countries, production lines, lift trucks for airline food transportation, elevated automatic cargo storage system supporting over 1400 tons of cargo, vacuum waste disposal system, cold storage central control system of roughly 4,300 square meters, employees of Chinese and foreign countries, as well as rich production experience and advanced technologies.

  At present, Nanlian provides airline catering and ground services for more than 20 airlines at home and abroad. Its products and service quality are also at the advanced level of the same industry in China.

  Founded on February 27, 2003, the YGYM Group has been deeply engaged in translation services for many years, and has set up 16 companies nationwide with a total registered capital of RMB 50 million.

  The YGYM Group has now become a standing member of the Translators Association of China (TAC) and a member unit of the American Translators Association (ATA), and has also been certified by ISO9001 quality management system, ISO17100 translation service system, ISO27001 information security management system, and rewarded as one of national high-tech enterprises.

  As a benchmark enterprise in the translation industry, the YGYM Group is committed to promoting the industrialization of translation services in China and Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, thereby helping the translation industry in China and its corporate clients to go global.

  Over the years, the YGYM Group has always held the belief of “focusing on translation” to serve corporate customers and cooperate with several aerospace companies.